Installing software

Installing software

  • Log in to the virtual machine on which you want the software to be installed

  • Go to Start and open Install DRE Applications. This will open the application manager. A shortcut might be found on the right of the start menu:

  • The standard software that is included in the DRE can be found on the left side of the Application Manager. Click on the software you wish to install

  • Click Install in the Application Manager

Good practise for installing software

Install for all users

  • Install software in admin mode, this will make the software available for all users of that VM

    • Don't do this if the license of the software does not cover other users

Make shortcuts are available to all users

  • Short cuts are available to all users when placed in the folder c:\users\public\desktop

    • In windows explorer: navigate to c:\users\public and type behind it \desktop

Open ports for software that needs it

  • As long as the IP-address doesn't change (frequently) you can have outbound access

    • Think anaconda repos for instance

Needing IP-address but only have URL?

  • If only a URL is given (no IP-address)

    • On your local machine windows key, type CMD

    • Type: ping <url>

    • Use the resolved IP-address

    • Ports most used: 443, 80