Creating a Blob Container

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Locate your workspace and go to its storage account (usually at the top of the resource list, dws###acronymdata).

  3. Go to Containers (see below) and click on + Container at the top of the next page.

  4. Fill in a Name.

  5. Set Public access level to Private (no anonymous access).

  6. Click Create to make your new blob storage (this may take a few minutes).

Your blob storage container has now been created and is visible in the DRE portal next to the data folder (see below). You will now need to perform an initial upload from a virtual machine. After this initialisation, it will be possible to move data to the container through the portal, by first uploading it to the inbox and then moving it to the blob folder. Please note that data cannot be downloaded from the blob storage through the DRE portal.